Gcse pe coursework circuit training

Extracts from this document introduction gcse pe coursework - circuit training introduction i will be performing a circuit over the next several weeks. I'm doing gcse pe (aqa syllabus) and we've started doing our fitness coursework which is about 40% of the gcse we have to do a variety of tests to check our fitness then make a circuit training plan to improve on a sport of out choice we have to write everything we have done up so as i don't think i am going to do well in the theory exam i need to get as high a mark as possible in this any ideas only people who have done or are doing the course please. Gcse pep may 2006 1 lord grey gcse physical education my personal exercise plan name:_____ athletics gcse pep may 2006 2 contents page gcse pep may 2006 3 task 1 – aims of your pep help sheet choose the 2 main - circuit training muscular endurance resistance training – weight training exercise to music circuit training gcse pep may 2006 7. Pe & sport - gcse resources course content, topics and revision documents section a : exercise and training a1 - reasons for taking part a2 - health, exercise and performance. Learn and revise how the principles of training affect sports performance with bbc gcse bitesize physical education.

Of volleyball page essaygrandparent essay - future careers essay gcse pe circuit training coursework and how to write a three page research paper, free research papers on al capone athletes performance in sport with this bbc bitesize gcse pe (edexcel) study guide to test and analyse your own fitness levels and report these levels in your coursework based on your fitness analysis you will then decide to use a range of training continuous fartlek circuit resistance interval plyometrics. Example questions - analysis of performance gcse pe netball analysis of performance questions 1 devise a game to highlight footwork, catching and throwing, 2 give an example of circuit training then state why this would be good for a netballer – example questions - analysis of performance gcse pe. Here is ar range of docs which are to do with fitness focus on gcse pe requirements.

Click here click here click here click here click here if you need high-quality papers done quickly and with zero traces of plagiarism, papercoach is the way to go. Gcse pe this page is for year 10 and 11 students taking gcse pe here you will find information, worksheets and practice questions for the edexcel gcse syllabus, one of these is fitness training made up of two training methods (continuous and circuit) there is also a written analysis of performance and personal exercise plan to be completed on year 11 which will be based on fitness training. Be doing is mostly circuit training and interval training which would suit my individual needs and also training to improve my anaerobic fitness the reason why i think interval training would be good gcse fitness test: 9/10 example 2 conclusion from analyzing my six week pep i can conclude that i have improved my overall performance over the weeks i have improved my.

Athletics moderation gcse ks3 physical education (1) badminton (1) basketball (1) blood (1) bloodflow (1) booklet (1 cardiac (1) cardiovascular (1) challenge (1) challenges (1) check list (1) checklist (2) cheerleading (1) circuit training log (1) coaching (2) components of fitness (2) contents page (1) continuous run log (1) core pe a tracking sheet that automatically works out percentages for each component of the course to monitor student progress please follow [] read. Gcse pe - key process c techniques what does the correct technique looks like how is the skill performed what are the coaching points provide step by step guide of how the skill is performed accurately and successfully circuit training (reference to overload, fitt principle) interval training (reference to intensity) continuous training fartlek weight training (reference to sets, reps and resistance. Gcse physical education 1 gcse physical education methods of training 2 methods of training there are 6 different training methods: interval continuous fartlek circuit weight cross learning mat.

The principles of training if physical fitness and skills are to be maintained or improved, then training has to take place there are four recognised principles that have to be applied to training schedules if training is to be effective specificity. Physical education ks4 a range of resources to support the teaching of units a and b at gcse pe physical education short course files unit a unit a short course - course map altitude training application of training body composition cardiovascular endurance circuit training continuous training evaluation of health and fitness fartlek training flexibility flexibility training health and fitness exercise programme gcse full course feedback not seeing what you want. Gcse personal exercise plan 2 planning the programme before planning a programme it is important to have background information as part of my gcse course i have performed a number of fitness tests, along with a fitness assessment when i joined the gym i will vary my training programme to avoid boredom, for example in my gym session i will use a variety of machines to keep my heart rate at the required level.

Gcse pe coursework circuit training

Home forums general discussion gcse pe coursework 6 week training programme – 548099 this topic contains 0 replies, has 1 voice, and was last updated by sielessflacinli 1 month, 2 weeks ago log in register lost password viewing 1 post (of 1 total) author posts august 30, 2018 at 5:03 pm #16321 [. Guidelines for the assessment of fitness training curriculum for ks4 requires pupils to plan and monitor their own exercise programme and the introduction of fitness training in to the gcse physical education is designed to be an extension of this at the same time, the development of a personal exercise programme circuit training resistance training (free/fixed weights) exercise to music (step/aerobics/aqua aerobics. Component 4 (pep)- example 1 gcse (9-1) physical education pearson edexcel level 1/level 2 gcse (9-1) in physical education (1pe0) gcse physical education 2016 personal exercise programme (pep) example 1: commentary contents introduction 1 aim and planning analysis 2 the circuit training session is described as follows below there is an attempt to justify the method of training given the fitness goals.

Gcse (9-1) physical education supporting learning through practice discover our new qualification for 2016 look out for pearson’s published resources too gcse pe short course is being developed for first teaching in september 2017 333: physical training - continuous, fartlek, circuit, interval, plyometrics, weight/resistance. Here is ar range of docs which are to do with fitness focus on gcse pe requirements gcse fitness 3 customer reviews author: created by ilovepe preview 9(1) fitness - circuit training and training zone she other doc, 37 kb 9(1) fitness - circuit training and training zone wor/5(3.

Gcse physical education | gcse physical education brought i am sure we would all agree that the current specifications for gcse pe theory are not the most inspiring and i believe this is one of the good things to ocr gcse physical education (pe) | gcse-revision, pe gcse physical education (pe) revision section for ocr exam short course (j086) and full course (j586)teachpecom - free resource for physical education and welcome to teachpecom. Gcse revision pe (physical education) training methods & programmes training methods circuit training title circuit training quick revise this type of work includes a number of physical activities performed one after the other in the form of a circle or circuit there are two basic variations: fixed load and individual load both follow a similar pattern. Year 10 gcse pep year 11 gcse pe year 13 pe year 12 pe netball teams gcse pe exam resources year 10 gcse pe help me gcse pep page 1: introduction introduction an easy one to get you should plan your circuit training session, then bring your plan to your practical lesson so that you can complete the session circuit training session 1 circuit training session 2 circuit training session 3. Physical education a level physical education exemplar candidate work with commentaries g452 and g454 november 2014 the course/slope details and evaluative comments are particularly vague circuit training a well presented log book the candidate has made several errors which suggest not enough attention has been paid to the assessment criteria, there are.

gcse pe coursework circuit training Gcse physical education sports learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers. gcse pe coursework circuit training Gcse physical education sports learning resources for adults, children, parents and teachers.
Gcse pe coursework circuit training
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